Insurance of civil liability of enterprises – sources of increased danger

Insurance protection of property interests of organizations operating hazardous production facilities, associated with the risk that these organizations cause harm to life, health or property of third parties and the environment as a result of an accident during the operation of a hazardous production facility. Regulation of the activities of […]

Liability insurance for default

Liability insurance for non-performance of obligations is the obligation of the insurer to make insurance payments in the event of damage to the insurance object. The object of insurance is the property interests of the person insured on the contract (of the insured person) related to the obligation of the […]

Liability insurance: types, procedure for damages

Liability insurance is intended to compensate for any damage caused to the third party by the insured. The essence of liability insurance is that the insurer undertakes to compensate for the damage caused to insured third parties. The object of liability insurance is civil liability. Liability insurance is carried out on the basis […]