Types of insurance. Mandatory and voluntary

Types of insurance are directions in which insurance companies operate in the insurance market. All types of insurance are divided by insurance objects. In accordance with the law of the Russian Federation “On the organization of insurance business in the Russian Federation” , the main types of insurance are distinguished : personal […]

Tax deduction for life insurance. How much money can be returned?

A tax deduction for life insurance can get an exceptionally working citizen of Russia. Non-working citizens, as well as entrepreneurs whose income is not subject to personal income tax, cannot receive a tax deduction. Accumulative life insurance of a person is rapidly gaining popularity in the world, making this type of […]

Home insurance – a detailed guide for beginners. Overview of leading insurance services organizations.

People who are fortunate enough to take possession of country houses, summer houses, or who simply live in the village, having private real estate often reflect on the issues of insuring their property. This article will be useful for anyone who already owns private houses, or those who are going to […]