Voluntary medical and personal insurance

From the Resolution of the Plenum of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation of 27.06.2013 N 20 “On the application by the courts of legislation on voluntary insurance of citizens’ property” they waited for the removal of the hottest disputes over all insurance products. Instead, the interpretation of the norms […]

Cargo insurance – protecting the interests of the owner

Cargo insurance: the main risks, when and for what compensation is paid, what is not covered by the policy, features, varieties Transportation of cargo is a serious and responsible matter, involving many risks. To lose the property entrusted to the transport company, I do not want anyone, and here insurance of […]

How to insure the apartment and is it worth doing?

Useful advice to those who decided to insure the apartment: what and from what risks you can insure, what the price of the policy and other nuances depend on Fire, water and malicious acts of third parties are a direct threat to the security of any home. The owner of the […]

Home insurance – a detailed guide for beginners. Overview of leading insurance services organizations.

People who are fortunate enough to take possession of country houses, summer houses, or who simply live in the village, having private real estate often reflect on the issues of insuring their property. This article will be useful for anyone who already owns private houses, or those who are going to […]